One-stop DeFi University by DEXTF helping you win in the new financial world

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What is DEXTF’s Digital Asset Management University (DAMU)? 

DAMU is DEXTF’s initiative to address education and information discrepancies in the DeFi and Digital Asset Management. DAMU will evolve to become a one-stop DeFi university where you can not just learn but become a Certified Decentralized Financial Analyst (DeFA). 

To begin with, we will have three modules: 

Learning module 1: DeFi Basic – This will cover all basics of DeFi. Consider this as your entry point to the world of DeFi. 

Learning module 2: DeFi Asset Management – This module will help you to understand what digital assets mean and everything that comes with them. 

Learning module 3: Analysis – In this advanced module, you will learn the skills of the trait. 

All these modules will be constantly updated to keep up with the ever-evolving DeFi ecosystem. 

Why should you choose DAMU?

  • Most of the contributors to DAMU come with extensive DeFi experience. They have seen the winter and they have seen the summer. And they are eager to share their learnings with you. 
  • All content is curated to help accelerate your journey in the DeFi world. 
  • Be a part of an exclusive community of DeFi learners who share the same interests as you. We will be soon launching DAMU-specific Telegram and Discord. 
  • Earn DeFA certificate that you can flaunt. 

If you face any difficulty, reach out to us on our Twitter or Discord